Drupal Files Migration Script Using Phing

24th November 2009

The other day I needed to copy a Drupal project from my source folder to another folder, so rather than manually copy the files I decided to create a Phing script that would do it for me in one go. This Phing script will export your Drupal project into another directory, change the database credentials and create zip and tar files of the project. The first thing to do is create a properties, here is the contents of that file.

Wordpress DoS Attack Script Solution

20th October 2009

There is a script knocking about on the internet at the moment that allows an attacker to run some code that will bring your Wordpress blog to it's knees. This will more than likely cause your host to get annoyed as well.

Backup MySQL Database PHP Script

12th August 2009

There are quite a few scripts available on the Internet that allow you to dump data from a database into a format that can be used to replicate that database structure elsewhere. The following function is my take on this commonly occurring script.

Display JavaScript Source Programatically

If you are running a JavaScript example page you can use the following function that will take the last script element on the page and print it out in a code tag. It uses JQuery to do the work, so you will need to include that library before using this function.

philipnorton42 Mon, 03/23/2009 - 10:20

JS Bin

12th March 2009

JS Bin is an online tool that allows you to test JavaScript without having to muck about with files. You can just quickly cut and paste some code in and view the output. It is even possible to make the code you are looking at public and then use this as part of an ajax call in another instance of the application.

To get you started there is a nice help section, which also includes a couple of videos.

Randomising The Middle Of Words In PHP

18th November 2008

I was sent an email the other day that contained some text were the start and end letter of each word were left alone, but the middle of each word was randomized. The weird part was that the text was still readable, which is due to the way in which the brain processes words.

PHP Script To Turn Image Into ASCII Text

6th October 2008

Use the following snippet to convert any jpeg image into the equivalent image in ASCII format. It works by loading an image using the PHP GD2 library function ImageCreateFromJpeg() and then figures out the height and width of it. It then uses these values to loop through every pixel in the image and figures out the colour of that pixel. It uses this value to create a "span" element that uses the text colour of a # to change the colour of the text.