Drupal 8: Creating A Views Results Area Plugin

Drupal Views is a great way of exposing data to users via a search interface. This can be done directly via the database or via a Solr server. Plenty of Views plugins exist to allow reacting to the search input and outputĀ in a variety of different ways.

The other day I needed to add a personalised message to Views output to inform a user that their search keyword didn't find any results. There is a plugin for Views that allows this, but it only shows a basic search string.

philipnorton42 Mon, 03/23/2020 - 21:37

Creating Custom Views Filters With An Exposed Form Element In Drupal 6

20th April 2011

Views is an amazing module, but sometimes you can come across certain limitations that make life difficult. For example, I created a view that pulled in a bunch of nodes based on different taxonomy terms. The problem was that I had more than one taxonomy term in different vocabularies being used to filter the results, which essentially caused the same field in the term_data table to be used for both taxonomy filters. So, no matter what I changed the parameters to I always received no results.

Change Views Exposed Filter Form Select Element To A List Of Checkboxes

12th May 2010

Whilst creating a view for a Drupal site the other day I created an exposed form but rather than the usual select boxes that get displayed I needed them to be a list of check boxes. Whilst searching about on Google I eventually found this article, which kindly provides a function that will do this. Here is the function in full.